Roller Blinds, Simple, Effective & Stylish Blackout Fabrics Too!

Our Roller Blinds are measured, quoted and fitted for free. So you don’t get the usual nasty surprises between the quoted price, and the bill at the end.
A very simple, yet functional way to dress your windows. With many accessory options, such as shaped finishespolesbraids depending on the finish you require.They are suitable for any room in the house. Roller Blinds are available in a wide range of colours, also in coloured blackout fabric, particularly useful in children’s bedrooms especially in the summer.
Each of our roller blinds are made to measure, ensuring that they are a perfect fit.View our gallery of blinds »
For a FREE no obligation quote and measuring call 020 8813 1774 / 07769 650 893 or email
In the image rollover below, are some of the manufacturers products of the Roller Blinds we install. The colours can be varied.Click this Contact Link for a no obligation quote and measuring.